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3D Printing in Hyderabad Personalised

3D Printing in Hyderabad is now possible with our superfine, reliable and accountable 3D printing in Hyderabad. Our forte lies in rapid prototyping, hardware parts development, model development, 3D sculptors and injection modeling services in Hyderabad.

Get Your 3D Product

We Serve High Growth Organizations and Startups

We have no minimum order quantity (MOQ) to its customers which means that you can get your parts printed in any quantity. We build within 1 or 2 days after getting the design resulting in faster delivery and also making prototypes without using molds thereby reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

3D Scanning services

Our state of art scanning services enable us to reverse engineer any part with high detail. We have 3 different types of scanners and can undertake scanning activity size right from a coin to a tank

3D CAD design services

Our CAD design services in Hyderabad caters to Designing prototypes for lot of IOT devices which is compatible with 3D printing and manufacturing . We have made more than 30 designs for devices

3D Printing services

We are the best 3D printing company in Hyderabad which provides high surface finish and high industrial strengthened parts . Make parts using Different material types all in one place

Vacum casting Services

Our Vacuum casting services in Hyderabad can make Rubber parts with different hardness , super strong prototypes in ABS, nylon glass , delrin, PP, transparent parts resembling injection molded parts

Injection Molding Services

Our Injection molding services in Hyderabad specializes in making complex injection molds and we are known for our fast quoting and fast delivery. Specialists in ABS , Nylon , Nylon GF , PP materials

3D Sculpting services

We do 3D sculpting services for making organic designs like statues , figurines, art pieces , complex enclosures . We have expert digital sculptors who have done international projects as well

Materials for 3D printing in Hyderabad

ABS plastic

Strong Nylon

Glass Nylon


Detail Resin

Flex Rubber

Silicon rubber


Carbon fibre


Stainless steel


Good service and good quality print at an affordable rate. I prefer Precious3D for prototyping and all my 3D printing needs. Thank you Precious3D. Keep up the good work.

Vinish YogeshFormer Research assistant at HST - Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology

Confused as to which material is best for you ?

No problem, just give us a call and we can help you out

 3D Printing in Hyderabad Applications

We specialize in bespoke 3d printing in Hyderabad is tailored to meet your needs and our 3d printers deliver the product.

Our quality assurance team works to improve the quality of the product.

We cover a wide range of industrial 3Dprinting in Hyderabad and offer parts in FDM, SLA ,SLS, Vacuum casting, polyjet , Injection molding and resin casting 

Engineering products

CAD Design Services

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Customized and fast

Tools and components

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Product package

Product enclosures

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Scale models

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Architectural models

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Miniature and Micro

Small components

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Our 3D Products Make You Droll and Roll 🙂

All these materials can be 3D printed without using Molds


There are no molds and tools required for making your product. Hence , it is possible to make even a single product

Fast Delivery

3D Prototypes can be made as fast as 1-2 days after the 3D CAD design is sent to us

Low cost high quality

Make prototypes without using molds thereby reducing cost and increasing efficiency

Industries which use our 3D printing services

Select your industry to know more


3D prints for your electronic projects and components

Automotive / Shop floor

3D prints for your automobile parts and for using in your shop floor

Special purpose machines

3D printed parts for machine manufacturers

Product designers

3D prints for making your unique designs come to life

Medical devices

3D printed parts for manufacturing your medical devices

Event and Training industries

3D prints to showcase product and awards

Surgeons and Radiologists

3D prints to assist your surgery and plan operations

Casting suppliers

3D printed patterns for manufacturing your parts

The Super Fine Precious3D Difference...

Other service providers

3Dprint quality is not up to the mark with several lines and layers visible in the 3D prototype. 


Our unique post processing services ensure that you get your 3D printed prototype made with the best quality presentable to customers. Quality is our benchmark.