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Injection mold service in Chennai

manufacture your product in less than 3 weeks time

Our USP in Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding

“Manufacturing plastic components in bulk generally involves a lot of cost and a minimum lead time of 6 – 12 weeks. We are here to reduce the lead time by half and our cost is always 20 – 30% discounted from the market price”

We help businesses design and develop new products for low and high volume manufacturing.

We have done:

Injection Molding in Chennai

Injection Molding in Bangalore

Injection Molding in Sriperumbudur

& now we do Injection Molding in Indian states

End to End Plastic Manufacturing

With our network of over 100 vendors , we assume 100% responsibility for your product . You just need to give us the design , tell us the quantity and finish required . We will take care of the rest

Mold design

Mold making

Component Mfg

Our tool making services


Molds made


Parts produced


Clients served

Materials: PP Injection Molding, Husky Injection Molding, Co Injection Molding, Quality Control Injection Molding etc.






GF Nylon



Our tool making process flow

Mold Design service

Once the quote is approved we do the initial mold design which takes anywhere between 1 – 4days . We split the part into core and cavity before going for machining


Once the mold is designed we then machine the steel block as per the product to be made. This usually takes about 3-10days depending upon the part complexity


The first sample is usually is delivered in 2 weeks from the placement of order. Once checked , any corrections  required are done and the final sample gets ready next week

Confused as to which material is best for you ?

No problem, just give us a call and we can help you out

Industries we primarily work with


Make large numbers of your casing with us


Have an idea and now want to take your toy to the market ? we can help with that


We can make precision plastic gears for your machine parts


Manufacture custom merchandise for your brand

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

3d printing services in Bangalore
3D printed truck

Ready to manufacture your product with us ?