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Innovation, Science, Meets Technology At Our Office

We love 3D models, products, and hardware

Hence, we deliver high quality 3d products

Cookie, Chai & Product

Make Our Team Work

Chai, science and design are the heart of our team’s thinking. We are driven and run passionate techies who have built products that matter. Serious technical chops and hardware are simplified by the team. We have an inspiring vision of developing quality hardware and nice products that propels the organic growth of businesses. We like to discuss and innovate on the lines of new technology.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Chinmay Rathi

Business Development / Founder

Aditya Raja

Head of Growth and Product

Our 3D printing technology

We have a wide variety of 3D printing available to fulfill all your product development needs in one place

FDM 3D printer Precious3D


Make parts fast and in bigger numbers with FDM plastics like ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate and CarbonFibre

dlp printer icon


Used for high precision parts like jewellery and for precise functional testing

SLS 3D printing Precious3D


Want more strength ? SLS is the costlier option available for high strength requirements



Want to make rubber parts ? get it made at sizes ranging from as low as 0.5mm

metal sintering 3D printing Precious3D


Make strong metal components in Stainless steel and aluminum for your prototype

Vacuum casting 3D printing Precious3D

Vacuum Casting

Make more copies of your parts with different flexibility with Vacuum casting

Want to work with us?

Do you love 3D Printing and products? Send us your CV and tell us about your product vision(3 paragraphs) at