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Mold tooling made simple for production

Manufacture high quality tooling molds for plastic and rubber applications with MOQ starting from just 20 units. We offer services right from tool design to mold tooling and scale manufacturing

Why choose our tooling services

We started scale manufacturing during covid when there was a huge need for face shields. Initially no one was willing to provide us with sample lots of 200 numbers, after a lot of research we made our own simple molding tools and validated the market. From then on we are determined to give our tooling services to startups who want to launch products

We assist startups creating plastic tooling molds and help them with production of plastic and rubber components with MOQ’s starting from 20 pcs. We scale when you scale

Our timeline

Started design and making molds for low volume
Supplied over 8 lakh plus face shields to covid warriors
Started automatic molds and offering services to customers

Our Molding tool types

Do you need 5000pcs or just 20pcs for trial , we can complete your plastic requirements no matter the quantity

Silicon tool making

Silicon molds are a good option if you want to make anywhere between 10 – 50pcs of the plastic or rubber component to validate the design and product

Manual tooling molds

Good for smaller parts starting from 50 – 2000pcs , these molds are cheaper to make and easy to iterate. Its the perfect solutions for fast batch production

Automatic tool molds

Best when producing regular quantities of 2000+ products per month. These tools are expensive and have a long life and last for more than 1lakh shots.

Our step by step

Tooling/Mold making process


Design for manufacturing (DFM)

First step is to check whether the product design features can be achieved in the mold tool

Check tolerances and materials

Depending on the material required we make necessary changes in the mold tool tolerances

Choose Mold Finish and texture

We have many different types of finishing options available for your mold to select from

Mold machining

We start machining all details as per the mold design finalized in the tool with VMC,wirecutting,sparking and other such processes

First sample from tool

After the machining and assembly is completed, the tooling mold is then moved for sampling. This first sample is to only check dimensions

Final sample from the tool

After the dimensions are verified we then do the final finishing on the tool and then go for the final sample with the required color

Most common production materials


industrial grade with good overall stiffness. Balance of cost and quality


PA6/ PA66 grades for little more flexibility and good resistances


Good scratch resistance, transparency, high gloss and temp resistance


PP is a low cost easy to mold common plastic for basic products


A rigid plastic, good for making transparent parts, light guides and toys


Good rigidity and toughness with self lubricating properties


Flexible with varying hardness good for gaskets sealing


Medical grade applications and high heat environments

"The perfect bridge between prototype and production"

Most of our customers are startups from various different fields. We help them prototype and produce products in the scale they want with minimum investment in the tool making process

What we can help you achieve

Product design | 3D printing | Part production | Part finishing 

Electronics / IOT developers

  • Enclosures
  • Light guides
  • Battery covers
  • Product casing

Product specific

  • Handles 
  • boxes and casing
  • Accessories
  • Tools

Toys/ Games manufacturers

  • Player tokens
  • Colored dice
  • Stands
  • Other small articles

Medical devices

  • Enclosures
  • Silicon parts
  • Gaskets
  • Housing

Frequently asked questions

Why make your tool with us ?

  • Fast turnaround times : We make tools with a lead time starting from 7 days depending on size and cavities
  • Finishing options : We have a variety of finishes available to give the texture you require on the tool
  • Material options : Both industrial and domestic grade materials available with each material having more diversity
  • Technical assistance : We will ensure your product needs are met, we have a good design team to ensure that
  • Competitive costs : Our quotes are generally 20% lower and in some cases 50% lower compared to industry

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Our minimum order starts from just 20pcs depending on the tooling mold type you select

  • Silicon mold for qty 20pcs or greater upto 50pcs
  • Manual mold for 50 – 2000pcs
  • Automatic mold for 2000pcs or more

What are the different types of colors available?

Most of the standard colors are available in materials like ABS and PP. For other materials we can use color powders and masterbatches for adding pigment.

If a specific color is required we will need to order a minimum of 100kg of material to mix and match it properly

Types of post processing available

  • Glossy – Basic gloss , high gloss
  • Matt – Sandblast , Chemical etching (premium)

We also do engraving on the molds in case you want to add any text or symbols on the parts

Post production :

  • Spray painting
  • Electroplating
  • Metallizing