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3d printing is one of the greatest technology invented that is shaping the future of manufacturing industry. It has a great impact on the manufacturing sector since past many years. In recent times, 3d printing has made its mark in the medical field.  Orthodontics is one among them, which is going to experience a huge transition with the advent of 3d printing. 3d printing in orthodontics will transform it to a great extent. Ranging from dental implants to teeth restorations wide variety of things can be optimized using the 3d printing technology.

3d printing in orthodontics

Objet260 3d Printer by Stratasys

Stratasys has unveiled Object OrthoDesk 3d Printer to 3d print surgical guides which help doctors to perform with freedom and identify beforehand the defect areas which in turn is a great advancement for minor error surgery.  Also, dental implants are being made with the help of this technology creating precise structures with a fine texture which is being considered as a great alternative for the traditionally manufactured one. Using technologies like stereolithography, dental materials with temperature resistant properties can be created. Which in turn improves the quality and life of the implant that is being imparted to the patient.

Advantages of 3d printing in orthodontics

3d printing in orthodontics

3d printed orthodontic model

The 3d printing in orthodontics is also used for creating teeth protectors that are transparent; Also, keeping in mind that the strength and durability of the product are on point.  Dental Medicine research is being conducted in leading universities using Laser Polymerization techniques to develop high-quality materials with improved characteristics. Digital manufacturing and 3d printing are changing the workflow and practice of Dentists and Dental Technicians.

Through these advancements, the process and practice have become easy and has led to significant increase in success rates. Everyday new research is being carried out in 3d printing field for the advancement not only in dentistry but also in the medical field in general.  3d printing still has a lot of potentials that can be implemented for the betterment of the healthcare industry.

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