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‘PRECIOUS 3D’ – Introducing 3d printing services in Chennai, with a whole new level of creativity.

Make Miniature Models Of Your Machines With 3d Printing | Precious3d – 3d printing in Chennai

Yes, you read that right! 3d miniature replica of your machines just how you want it to be, using our 3d printing in Chennai services. You won’t even feel that the part is 3d printed. 3d miniature model of literally anything is available here. From machines to jewelry, from architecture to portraits. EVERYTHING. It’s not magic it’s the hard work we put into our work for your satisfaction.  3d printing in Chennai is now affordable and reliable since the inception of Precious3d.

3d printing in chennai

Why make miniatures using 3d printing services in Chennai?

  • Miniature models help the clients to know the product closely.
  • It helps to train the employees regarding the minute details which cannot be seen otherwise.
  • Miniature models are easily transferable and hence, can be reached out to the distant clients.
  • It helps in educating the dealers and customers.

How are traditional miniatures made?

  • Commonly made of metal, plastic, steel, wood or paper.
  • Due to the usage of heavy materials in its process of making it is usually hefty.
  • A lot of money is put into its processing due to which the end product is costly.
  • It takes a lot of time for the processing of final products.

How does 3d printing make it different?

  • 3d printing is fast and effective.
  • Results in high-quality end products.
  • Unlike, the traditional miniature models the 3d miniature products are durable enough to withstand wear, pressure, and damage for a longer time.
  • The desired final product is obtained speedily.

Services offered by Precious 3D- 3d printing in Chennai

Our services fall into 5 main categories:

  • Rapid Prototyping services
  • Component production services
  • Jigs and Fixtures manufacturing
  • Component prototyping
  • Industrial scale models
  • Enclosure design and production
3d printing in chennai

3d printed plastic jigs and fixtures

Our goal is to help manufacturing companies become more efficient in their production by implementing 3d printing in their process.

PRECIOUS 3D– 3d printing in Chennai, is on a journey of letting the world know that how 3d printing can change the outlook for printing. Our company’s primary aim is making 3d products come to life in the most real way possible. Connect with us and experience a whole new level of creativity.

Top users of our services

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3d printing in chennai                                3d printing in chennai

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