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3d printing technology has now emerged into the electronics industry through the Dragonfly 2020 Pro 3d printer by Nano Dimension from FATHOM. This 3d printer allows companies involved in electronics component manufacturing to take control of their development cycles by printing their own 3d printed circuit board. Starting from concept to design validation, the multi-layer PCB prototype is facilitated through this additive manufacturing technology.

3d printed circuit board

Dragonfly 2020 Pro 3d printer by Nano Dimension

How does a 3d printed circuit board gets printed?

3d printed circuit board

3d printed circuit board printed on a Nano Dimension 3d printer

The Dragonfly 2020 3d prints electrically functional circuitry that can be readily used by the industries and in turn acts as a great boon for manufacturing multi-layered 3d printed circuit board(PCB). This is feasible through a precise inkjet deposition printer and dedicated nono inks and novel software. All the interconnections are also built-in which eliminates etching, drilling and other process carried out in the traditional way. This helps in reduced time consumption in developing the PCBs. It also helps in shortening the time cycle to come up with the right product development within hours. Otherwise, it would take weeks of time to completely develop the multi-layered PCBs.

The 3d printing revolution has led to significant change in the electronics industry and the way PCBs are made. Researchers are further investigating the extent up to which this technology can be used to further optimizing the production process.

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