3d printing is a method of additive manufacturing technology where a three-dimensional product is created by laying down successive layers of material. It is also referred to as rapid prototyping, 3d printing is a mechanized method whereby 3d objects are quickly made on a reasonably sized machine connected to a computer containing blueprints for the object. The 3d printing idea of custom manufacturing is exciting to almost everyone. This revolutionary method for creating 3d models saves time and cost by eliminating the need to design; print and glue together separate model parts. The technology of 3d printing in India holds a promising future.

The current scenario of 3d printing in India

3d printing in India is a high potential prospect as it is completely virgin and the most exciting used cases of 3d printing in a social context or rural or is bound to come out of India. We have some inherent strengths since we are a country of makers – and India cannot wait to jump into 3d printing and leapfrog the rest of the world.

Challenges in 3d printing in India

  • The technologies demand very high capital and so are the materials which are higher than the prices prevalent outside India as everything is imported from the developed countries.
  • A lot of design participants/entities (especially small scale & medium scale) still do not believe in prototyping as an investment but see it as a costly expenditure.
  • Only if materials could be engineered and locally produced, the cost could come down drastically directly resulting in a healthy demand and supply.
  • The size of 3d printing equipment restricts a lot of products from being made at one go.

Future prospects of 3d printing in India

3d printing in India

3d printed Lord Ganesha print by Make Whale

The 3d printing technology is turning out to be popular with every year, and there are many new companies coming up in the sector offering supreme quality services. One of the leading 3d printing Service Company in India is Make Whale. We can either buy the products displayed on the site or send them correct specification of the product we wish and they create it for us and delivers at our place.

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