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Intel Design Forum which was held in San Francisco showcased a wide variety of innovations which were beyond imagination.  One such innovative creation that stood out was the 3d printed dress,” Synapse Dress”,  covered with flashing lights. Intel has created this smart dress teaming up with the Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht.

3d printed dress

3d printed dress- Synapse Dress

The interesting fact about the dress is that it reflects the wearer’s state of mind and displays the lights accordingly. The material used for printing this dress was a mixture of plastic and silicon called TPU material. The entire thing was built in two stages and put up together in the end; the decorations used in the dress also involved the method of 3d printing.

The 3d printed dress also provides flexibility along with comfort to the wearer.  One of the key innovations involved is the ability to read the wearer’s mind. This process is facilitated through a headband that the user wears that tracks the EEG activity and tracks the wave patterns. This data is sent to the receiver which activates the lights according to the pattern. The dress itself runs on Intel Edison Processor, which is solely developed by the Intel Corporation. This 3d printed dress is a first of its kind innovation combining 3d printing and embedded electronics and paving way for next-generation innovative products.

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